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This isn’t me complaining about my shoulder.  This is me telling you how I’m going to fix my shoulder so no one has to ever hear me complain about it.  I am going to start physical therapy on Monday.  I went to the doc and I was diagnosed with “Multidirectional Instability“.  He explained to me what it was, but it sounded like gibberish at that point.  All I know is that it hurts,  I don’t need surgery, and after about a month of physical therapy, I should be feeling better.

As a bonus, the clinic where I will be going for physical therapy 3 times a week is extremely close to my parent’s house.  So if all goes according to plan, I can go do the physical therapy thing, then go visit with my folks, and then go running at the track with my Dad.  The perfect plan.  Perfect I tell you!  Perfect!

Except for one thing…

Beginning in October I am going to be exiled working out of another office for a month.  That office just happens to be on the other side of town.  So it looks like I will be taking a loan out to pay for gas that month.  It’s going to be ugly.  I better start bringing Lean Cuisine to work, or find any other super cheap lunch alternatives.  So if anyone has been dying to take me to lunch in recent memory, I think my October schedule is looking pretty clear! :)

-Dave Q.

Give me a freakin’ break! A bunch of teachers got offended because of this? This??!? Please. How many other careers, jobs, industries, public servants, etc., have been parodied over the years? Police Officers. Doctors. Lumberjacks. Politicians. Florists. Cable TV Repair Men. Hamburger Flippers. I don’t recall a huge stink being raised by any of those unions.

If anything, teachers should take this as a compliment. Their profession is represented with a hot girl! If it was Rosie O’Donnell, then they should be upset.

So Carl’s Jr. caved in and removed the ad. Thank you, teachers. Way to encourage free speech. I better not find any of the many teachers I know watching Saturday Night Live. All those parodies would no doubt offend them.

-Dave Q.

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