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I am watching the Democratic debate right now. I am loving this. Hillary Clinton has made herself look like a complete ass-clown. She is whining about how she always gets the first question during the debates. And then she referenced Saturday Night Live on how Obama is getting special treatment. Haha! How presidential of her. Nothing will earn respect to the Presidency of the United States as the leader of the free world being a whiner.

Now there are more fireworks! These are the acts of a very desperate woman. It’s pathetic. Yet I can’t stop watching. Or smiling. Or laughing. :)

Ok. I’m going to finish watching this. I’m sure you guys will see all these highlights in the news. But god that look on her face is golden! That bitch is pissed!

After this I’m going to turn to the Tivo and watch last Saturday’s SNL. Must have been a good one.

-Dave Q.

It’s pretty obvious to me that with the Clinton campaign pulling this crap about Obama and the Muslim garb he was photographed in, that they are in official desperation mode. Can’t say that I am shocked. Nor should anyone else be. Anyone with a clue should have the knowledge that Hillary Clinton cares about only one thing: Power. And Barack Obama is the biggest obstacle for her to reach that power. So, with that in mind, she will do anything it takes to win the presidency. Not because she gives a rat’s ass about you or me. But because she thirsts for power.

This goes to show how out of touch Hillary Clinton and her henchmen (sorry. Henchpeople. Have to be politically correct here.) are with the average American people. We are sick of politics. And we are sick of these kinds of tactics. If people already don’t hate Hillary enough, this just adds to it. I already despise this broad, so my disgust with her couldn’t grow anymore.

Man I hope she loses. I hope she loses badly.

-Dave Q.

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