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Since I keep getting a lot of flak from a fellow blogger, whom I won’t name, about my admiration for sexy Halloween costumes, I stumbled across this calssic video and decided it was worthy of posting.  :)

Just a reminder that if you are on my Blogroll and you haven’t sent me a pic of yourself in your Halloween costume, that you will be represented in a post next week along with all the other pics I received.  I wonder how my Photoshop skills are.  Hmmm.

Happy Halloween!  And be careful tonight…

-Dave Q.

I got this sent to me in 4 different emails yesterday.  So, I thought it was worth sharing.  Appears to be a young Dr. Evil plotting to add two more to his future mind-control sex-slave experiment.  Gotta give the kid props for thinking big, right?

-Dave Q.

Continuing our Olympic coverage, or in this case, uncoverage, here is the latest ad from everybody’s favorite group of hypocrites, PETA.  But as much as I hate PETA, they do have some good ads.

Now I have no issues with seeing Amanda Beard in the nude.  But, wow.  This girl must hate clothing.  She will take any opportunity to be in the buff.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  I insist I have no issues with that.  By all means, Amanda, take it off to your hearts content!  But I will say this:  Where is the mystery with this girl?  She leaves nothing to the imagination, and that sucks to some degree.  She must have been absent the day they taught ‘Tease 101′ in whatever school girls go to to learn all their tricks.  Damn dirty tricks.

-Dave Q.

I remember back in the day the Miss Universe pageant was a big deal.  These days I just watch so little TV that I had no idea it came on last night.  However, I did hear about the Miss Hooters pageant that took place last week.  Missed that one, too.  But the girl that won works at a San Antonio Hooters.  Hmmm…  Maybe I should give their wings another chance.

Anyway, I heard this morning that Miss USA stumbled again.  And that Miss Venezuela won.  I don’t really care about either of those.  What I do care about is getting up to speed with some of the swimsuit competition highlights.  God bless YouTube.

So because I care, I present to you…

Miss Mexico

Miss Korea

Miss Brazil

and Miss Australia

In one of these videos there is a girl walking in the background in a one piece.  WTF?  She’s in a beauty pageant and wearing a one piece?  Why did she even bother showing up?  That is the same as forfeiting.  Maybe she saw the rest of the competition and gave up?

-Dave Q.

In case you don’t know, the young lady pictured below is Allison Stokke.  She’s not ugly.

I know last summer this girl became an internet sensation because of the above picture. But for whatever reason, I missed it. So I feel the need here to just throw my admiration into the fray. As seen here, the pole vaulter from California is calmly adjusting her hair before her turn in a competition. I understand she is still vaulting poles at one of the fine California universities.

Anyway, the reason I brought her up is that this is an Olympic year. And although she looks good, I don’t know if she’s any good at pole vaulting. For all I know, she may be terrible. But what if she turns out to be great? Can you imagine how famous she will become? How popular the track & field events will be the summer she becomes an Olympian? How NBC’s Olympic coverage ratings will go through the roof? It will be like the whole beach volleyball thing all over again. That, my friends, will make the Olympics interesting. To be honest, women’s beach volleyball is the only reason I would tune in to the Olympics.

Anyway, I know that the possibility of Allison Stokke representing the Unites States is a few years away. But it’s still fun to think about. Makes me even happier that we live in the era of HD T.V.

-Dave Q.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to buy a Nintendo Wii. Well my friends, I now want one more than ever. Apparently besides helping you get your girl to play around in her underwear, the Wii Fit can help you get into shape, too.  ;)

For the record, she’s doesn’t look like she needs to work out.  But that’s a hard show to turn down.

-Dave Q.

When I found this, I thought it was kind of weird. But who else would you rather have a staring contest with? Dick Cheney??

-Dave Q.

Apparently these two 18-year-olds got escorted off a Southwest plane, and then banned from the airline all together after they caused a commotion on a flight from Tampa to Los Angeles. You can read more about that here.

Obviously we are only getting their side of the story. My hunch is that there is more to it. Like maybe the fact that they are spoiled brats? And also that the brunette isn’t all that attractive? I mean, look at the pics in the beginning of the news report and then look at her. I can only imagine how many times someone has met her and thought, “Man, she looks way better on myspace.” She thinks she was being discriminated based upon her looks? Nope. Sorry, baby. You were being discriminated against because you are a stuck-up bitch.

Looking and listening to these two I could only guess they went to Los Angeles to audition for some reality TV show. Or to maybe see if they could sneak into some club and party with Paris Hilton. The exact kind of person that will get no sympathy from me. Southwest has now regained my respect after the whole Kyla Ebberts thing. Nice job.

-Dave Q.

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