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Well, where do I start? Sloppy plays. Crappy commercials. The Peyton Manning media lovefest. Prince. The weird pre-game show. What I’m trying to say is, Super Bowl Sunday sucked.

The game itself wasn’t too bad. It was close until the 4th quarter, when Rex Grossman forgot what color uniform his teammates were wearing and started throwing picks left and right. And it was nice that such a decent and classy man like Tony Dungy took home the trophy. As sloppy as it was with all the turnovers (I counted at least 7), it did keep it interesting.

But here is what turned me off. Why does the media keep shoving the Manning family down our throats? I get it. His dad was an NFL QB. So is his brother. I don’t care. Peyton Manning seems to be a decent guy. I have nothing against him (like I do for his “draft dodging” brother). But I find it hard to root for him at times because I feel it’s what the media wants me to do. If I pull for Peyton Manning, it’s because of his game, not because of whose offspring he is.

Why was Prince performing at halftime? I thought this was football? Men make up most of the audience for the game. Men do not want to see Prince. At least not men that like to watch football. And you can tie the pre-game show in with this. What the hell was that? Please. Somebody explain that one to me. Bizarre. If anything this teaches us not to tune into the Super Bowl fesitivities too early.

Then there were the commercials. Worst I can recall in recent memory. They paid millions to put that garbage up there during the Super Bowl? And Snickers? Snickers?!?! Good Lord. That commercial was disgusting. It’s a good thing I don’t like Snickers, because if I did, I would never buy another one of those “dude love” candy bars again! For those that missed it, you can see the horror below.

[youtube= ]

Again, the target audience is men, isn’t it? Why not do the same commercial with two hot girls? That would be have been nice. Maybe I would buy a Snickers.

Overall, Super Bowl Sunday gets a “C+”. It would have gotten a straight up “D” if Tony Dungy hadn’t been coaching the Colts. Congrats on the victory Coach Dungy. Couldn’t have happened to a classier guy.

-Dave Q.

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