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Apparently this isn’t anything new, but Dane Crook Cook stole some material from a comic with actual talent, Louis CK. Sounds like some stand up he did recently had a couple of extremely similar jokes to a Louis CK perfromance from 2001. You be the judge.

I don’t know. Maybe this kind of stuff happens all the time with comedians.

I will admit there have been a couple of times I thought Dane Cook was funny. I can’t lie about that. But not to the point of rock star status that he seems to have achieved. Overall, I would rate him as an average comic. But now that I know he steals material, I think my sister is funnier. And let me tell you, she’s not funny at all (The beauty here is that I have 2 sisters and they won’t know which one I’m talking about. And I doubt they ever read this blog, so I’m safe).

Apparently the writers for Scrubs agree. Dane Cook blows.

-Dave Q.


This guy tells a great story about what happened when he was visiting family in Florida and found a swarm of honey bees on the family swing set. It had me rolling! If you share my sense of humor, then it’s worth the read. Also the pictures that were taken were of the ordeal are pretty good. Check it out here.


I think why I find this so hillarious is that some of the things he talks about is what I would have done as a kid. And I also have nothing against taking some bees out. Can’t stand bees. As much as I like honey, I can live without it if it meant no bees. I’m also not too keen on shark bites. So let’s get rid of them too.

-Dave Q.

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