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Dunder-Mifflin Paper


A friend just sent this to me. I *heart* this show. Thanks Jenny!

To those of you that put a lot of stock in today, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. For those of you like me that realize this was a manufactured holiday by the corporate world to suck more money out of our wallet and at the same time cause us unnecessary stress, Happy Sucker’s Day.

Here’s a nice little rant from a writer on Why she LOVES Valentine’s Day.

-Dave Q.


Most of you know how I feel about Valentine’s Day. That it’s pretty much a fraud. But that doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate it. I’m not a monster. I know how much Valentine’s Day can mean to some people (women). So, I do go out and buy her gifts. And more enjoyably for me, I do take my Valentine out for a lavish dinner. But no way in hell am I doing dinner on February 14th! Absolutely not. Final answer. And I have plenty of reasons. Let’s go through the motions of a nice dinner at a nice restaraunt on St. Valentine’s Day. I already feel like giving Dr. Kevorkian a call.

To start, you must make reservations. But it doesn’t really matter, because you will get to your destination on time, but you’re still in for a wait. A loooooooong wait. And you will be in a waiting area with 20+ other cranky Valentine couples. And not enough chairs for everyone. It would be nice if all the “gentlemen” would give up their seats for the females, but that’s not happening either. Things are kicking off nicely.

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