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So I have a friend of mine I work with who is going to Hawaii for 2 weeks… for work. Can you believe that? Damn. Why can’t I ever get gigs like that? Granted, she’s a nurse, and has to go train some other nurses who will be working for us out of Honolulu, but surely they need some kind of IT support. Something must go horribly wrong on the technical side while she’s there. Hmmm…

My gut tells me that they will not be able to power up their new PCs correctly once they get there. My gut also tells me that they will need IT support to replace all the memory that was taken out magically disappeared before their PCs were shipped out. Aloha!

-Dave Q.


Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue came out this week with Beyonce on the cover. Not bad! Not bad at all! Apparently they are doing some kind of music theme in this issue. Otherwise Beyonce on there wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

I hear there is a picture with a supermodel and her iPod. And that’s it! Nothing else. Not sure if that shot alone is worth checking out the issue. I will do my duty and investigate this, so that we may all sleep better.

-Dave Q.

I’ll admit it. I have never liked Carlos Mencia. Ask my buddy Rich. He would go on and on about how great Carlos Mencia is. I remember giving his show a chance and thinking what crap it was. Mind of Mencia? This was the best that Comedy Central could do after Dave Chapelle left them high and dry? Please.

Anyway, there is video out on the web showing Joe Rogan (Fear Factor guy) confronting Carlos Mencia (or should I say ‘Ned’) about how Mencia has been stealing material from other comics, including George Lopez. Apparently this has been happening for quite some time! And I have to tell you, it was awesome seeing Mencia squirm on stage trying to play it off. Dude is a thief! You can see the video below.

My buddy Brian makes an extremely good point: Joe Rogan is a comedian? Never thought of him as funny. But the video is comedy gold!

-Dave Q.

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