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Well, the new year didn’t start out that great for one Hillary Clinton. And I’m perfectly ok with that since I think she’s the anti-christ. Not only did she not win in Iowa, she didn’t even come in 2nd place. Try 3rd place. And what about Bill’s face during the speech she gave after the results came in? He looked catatonic out there. Either that or he was zeroing in on the red-head in the 3rd row. Good ol’ Bill. :)

Still, she’s got balls. And as scary as it is, I know she will still be a legit candidate for the presidency. But it’s funny to know that at this very moment, she isn’t sleeping well. And that makes me smile.

I myself have not really picked a candidate to support. I’m still trying to read through all the issues to see what each candidate stands for. So as of now, I’m riding the “Anyone but Hillary” train.

-Dave Q.

Here’s some new year cheer from…

By the way, if you haven’t checked out their site, you should. It’s somewhat funny. :)

-Dave Q.

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