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Did you catch the rant from Roger Clemens? Denying the whole steroids saga? Man, he is pissed. I mean, really pissed. Like, he’s in a rage of some sort. A “roid rage”, perhaps?

Also, I just don’t know about the taped conversation between Clemens, and his personal trainer (and alleged steroid injector extraordinaire) Brian McNamee. It’s kind of confusing. At times they seem to be speaking in code. I think they both knew it was being recorded. So what they say on the recording didn’t seem genuine. But if I had to call it right now, I think Clemens is a liar. I just don’t buy that Clemens knew nothing about his boy, Andy Petitte, getting HGH from the personal trainer they share. I’m calling bullshit on that one.

Still, I don’t know if we will ever know the whole truth. In fact, I doubt we ever will. But who knows? As they say, “the truth is out there”. Anyone have the number for Mulder and Scully?

-Dave Q.

Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica came out in a music video for their brother, Eduardo. In the video, the sisters share a lesbian kiss. And apparently this was their brother’s idea.

I can only shake my head here. It’s pretty obvious that this guy Eduardo needs all the help he can get to promote his crappy music. And nothing says “I know I have no musical talent” than getting your famous sister to make out with your hotter sister in your music video. But the fact that he thought this up may be a sampling of deeper issues. Eduardo, those are your sisters! You really want to see your sisters make out? And dance around you half-naked?? They are your sisters!! What the hell is wrong with you?

So in the end, the only ones that benefit from Eduardo Cruz’s crappy music ability and his drive for incest, is any guy not related to the Cruz sisters. Monica Cruz should definitely look into getting into showbiz. Very nice to look at. More so than her sister.

As for you, Eduardo, I hope someone finds you a good therapist. Jeez.

-Dave Q.

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