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Dear Reporters, Due to the magnitude of this week’s game and high volume of questions for the Original 81 about the other 81. I will be taking all questions immediately following Sunday’s game. Sincerely,T.O. p.s. Getcha Popcorn Ready!. — Terrell Owens before the Cowboys / Patriots match up in Week 6.

When it comes to the NFL playoffs, I had a pretty damn good weekend! Every team I wanted to win this weekend came out victorious. And that includes the Giants beating the Cowboys. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t like the New York Giants, especially when led by that goofy Eli Manning. But I despise any team that employs Terrell Owens. So the Cowboys losing makes me happy. :)

Cry me a river, T.O. You’re defending your teammates? You’re sticking up for your quarterback? Please. I’m pretty sure Donavan McNabb and Jeff Garcia did the same thing I did when they saw you weeping like a little pansy at that post-game press conference: laugh their ass off!

Just so you know, I’m clearly rooting for Green Bay to win the whole thing. I admire Brett Favre tremendously. But if he can’t win it, then I would be cool with the Pats or Bolts winning. And with that, I hope Eli Manning can fall back to reality and go back to the crappy QB he is. The Giants winning the Super Bowl would suck. But at least Dallas won’t.

So I think I’m going to have a Super Bowl party. I called my buddy Jay after the game to let him no about it, but he wouldn’t answer my call. I’m sure he thinks that because he is a die-hard Cowboys fan, he saw me calling and assumed I was going to rub the Dallas loss in his face. Not true. I’m not a prick. I know that he is going to be seeing that every time he turns on the TV for the next 3 days. And then be reminded of it as the playoffs continue. I’m not going to pour salt into that wound with so many others will be indirectly. That wouldn’t be right.

So I hope he calls me back. And comes over for Super Bowl. And enjoys some of the popcorn I’ll be serving.

-Dave Q.

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