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The more I see stuff like this, the more I like Barack Obama.

Seriously, though. What’s not to like about the guy? I mean, besides his liberal views on things.

-Dave Q.

Last night I watched the election results on CNN while enjoying a glass of sweet tea. Why is that significant, you may ask? Depends on which part of the first statement you are curious about. If you are referring to the election results, then they weren’t significant, really. No candidate really demolished another. So that means the campaigns will go on. I have to tell you that I kind of like this. If the race stays tight, then maybe my home state of Texas will become significant come March 4th when it will have it’s Primary election. That would in turn mean that the candidates would have to come down here to do some heavy campaigning. And I have no problem watching prominent politicians come to the Lone Star state to smooch a bunch of voter butt cheeks. Pucker up!

Now if you were more interested in why I was drinking sweet tea last night, well, I always drink sweet tea. In fact, I love sweet tea. Which brings me to Fat Tuesday. Which in turn brings me to that famed time of year where dedicated Catholics appear grumpier than usual. Yup. Lent. I am giving up sweet tea again this year. Along with red meat. And go to church every Sunday. I think that will be all I can handle this year.

I’m thinking of a self-imposed penalty should I falter in any of these. Maybe punish myself by shaving my head or depriving myself of sleep. I don’t know. Something that will keep going strong with this. I’m open to suggestions if you have any.

-Dave Q.

If you are a fan of the Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself, then I hope you got to see Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon in a commercial for Bud Light. As funny as it was, the extended commercial is even funnier! You can thank me later.

There wasn’t much doubt I would see this movie when it comes out. But a quick glimpse of Will Ferrell at his best has me all geared up for Semi-Pro.

-Dave Q.

Eli Manning still blows.

I still don’t respect anyone that is so full of them self that they make trade demands before they even play a game in the NFL. I know a lot of people are happy to see the Patriots lose, but at the hands of Eli freakin’ Manning is just nauseating.

2008 is starting out pretty ugly. If Eli Manning can win the Super Bowl, then Hillary Clinton can be elected president. It may turn out to be a loooong year.

Oh well. At least spring training is around the corner. Anyone know when pitchers and catchers report?
-Dave Q.

A woman in Wisconsin had her home demolished by a tornado in early January. Traumatic, right? Well, apparently not traumatic enough for Time Warner’s taste. They slapped her for a bill to the tune of $2,000. What the hell? Apparently they are now trying to work something out with the woman and other residents that were affected by the natural disaster.

Here is the truly amusing thing. Time Warner was billing her for 5 cable boxes and 5 remotes. This equipment was nearly a decade old. And they want $2,000 for that crap? Not to mention if the service in Wisconsin was anything like the Time Warner service I had here, it was garbage. Just goes to show you how corporations try to screw you whenever possible. Suck it, TW.  Suck it hard.

-Dave Q.

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