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Today I turn 33 years old.  But I will always be a kid at heart, as evident by some of the pics below.  And I know a couple of you think 33 isn’t that bad, but in the mornings it feels more like 53.  :)

Anyway, I know this is kind of late since everyone now has ditched their costumes and now have Turkey on the mind, but here are some pics from my Halloween 2008 experience.  Pretty good costumes! I wish I were that creative.

And the following pics are from my blogging brothers and sisters listed on my blogroll.  Thanks to all of you that got into the spirit Halloween!  Click on the pic to go to their respective blogs.  I encourage you to ask them to explain their costumes, because a couple of them are head-scratchers.

-Dave Q.

So Barack Obama is the newly elected President of the United States.  And although I don’t trust the guy, he is my nation’s leader.  And I will support him for as long as his decisions allow me.

For the record, I’m glad Obama is a snob.  I expect the leader of the greatest country on Earth to be pretty cocky.  So at least he’s got that down.  And now he’s got 4 years to convince me he is worthy of my vote next time.  But the one thing I truly look forward to in an Obama presidency is that all my liberal friends will finally stop whining about everything.  In that case, silence is golden.  Thanks, Barry!

-Dave Q.

My buddy Jason sent this to me.  Pretty funny!  Especially that sweet old lady.  I wonder if she kisses her grandchildren with that mouth. :)

At least I know that I would be a hero to a good chunk of the country.  But on the flip side, I guess I would be hated by quite a few.  Nothing new there.  ;)

-Dave Q.

So I am going to start training for the Turkey Trot, which is a 4 mile run that takes place Thanksgiving morning (Procrastination, I know).  I guess they started doing this so that people don’t feel so bad after eating so much Thanksgiving dinner because they already had a morning workout.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m doing it so that I can eat more pumpkin pie.  :)

Anyway, so as I start this training, I feel the need to bust out the Nike Plus gear.  I haven’t used it in quite a while, so I’ll have to make sure it is all working properly.  I’ll be going for a run later this evening and you’ll be able to track my progress on the sidebar of the blog.  I know you will be scratching your collective heads after looking at my numbers, but don’t worry, they will be correct.  I am just in that bad of shape.  :(

-Dave Q.

I’ve been thinking about this election just like everyone else.  How can you not?  With the media pushing it down our throats and everything.  I for one will be glad when all this is over.

I know this election will be historic no matter who the winner will be.  But in my eyes the difference will be what I call “The Stupid Vote”.  This can also be referred to as the “Ignorant Vote”, the “Un-Educated Vote”, or even the “Jerry Springer Vote”.  Point being is that people who don’t have a clue about the issues will vote for the popular candidate because, quite frankly, it’s trendy.  It will be the cool thing to do.  Now before you fire off that hate mail to me, understand that I am not saying you are stupid if you vote for Obama.  I will make it clear right now that I believe Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.  And many people who are educated and understand the issues will vote for Obama, just like many people who are educated and understand the issues will vote for John McCain.  But those that steer away from the political scene and only hear the occasional blurb in the news will no doubt vote for Obama.  And that’s what my point is.

You would be hard pressed to find anything but praise in the mainstream media for Barack Obama (how many times over the past year has he been on the cover of Time Magazine?).  And at the same time, you don’t hear anything but negative stuff about John McCain.  If I were the below-average citizen that didn’t pay any attention to politics, issues, current events, the weather, etc., I would probably base my decision on what I do see and hear.  And those are the people who get their news from such reputable programs like Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition.  And chances are they have aspirations of being a guest on Jerry Springer.

It is my belief that if their was a “must have a clue” requirement to vote, then the election would be very, very close.  I still think Barack Obama would win, but by a narrow margin.  Instead, with the “stupid” vote in full effect, I expect a landslide victory for Obama.

But that’s one of the great things about America.  No matter how stupid someone is, their vote is equal to that vote of someone with a much higher IQ.  And that, my fellow Americans, is what equality is all about.

-Dave Q.

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