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I remember blogging a few months back in disgust in how the Spurs were playing.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would be hoisting up the Larry O’Brien trophy this year the way they were playing back then.  But in the end they made me proud, got their game faces on, and played their asses off!  Nice!

2007 NBA Champs!

And I’m especially happy for Michael Finley, the former Maverick that was cast away by Mark Cuban.  Fin came to San Antonio looking for his first championship.  And after the way the Spurs lost to the Mavs last year, it served as motivation this year not only for him, but for his teammates.  They wanted to win this as much for him as anyone.  Congrats Fin!  And what can you say about Big Shot Rob.  His seventh championship!  The dude is like a lucky rabbit’s foot!  Hell, just keep him around for his mojo.  He doesn’t have to play any minutes!  As long as he’s around, you’ve got a chance.

I wasn’t expecting a sweep.  With all the hype about LeBron James and all.  He looked like he was in over his head at times.  But I have to give him props, the guy was a class act through the series.  In a time and age of “me first” prima donnas, this guy gave credit where credit was due.  And he carried his team as much as he could.  I compliment him on that.  But this time it just wasn’t meant to be.  Maybe next year, LeBron.

New Nike LeBron Campaign

-Dave Q.

Remember Amanda Beard? I didn’t really either. But I kind of remember the name from a few years back. So that prompted me to do some research on the old internet. Turns out she is an Olympic medalist in swimming. And she’s also easy on the eyes. And now she’s nude in Playboy.

Amanda Beard in Playboy

I can hear all the feminists now. And to a certain degree, I understand their frustration. To have one of their own, a role model to young girls, degrade herself to the entertainment of men everywhere. But let me ask you this: Would it not be a greater crime to conceal all this? I mean, look at her! Wow.

Amanda Beard in FHM

I have to admit this. I think she will look better in her pictorial from FHM (above) than she will in Playboy. But I will have to see to be sure. I’ve always been one to enjoy a little to the imagination. But not too much. :)

What I do like about Amanda Beard is that she is realistic. In an interview about her Playboy spread, she says the following:

You have to remember, I’m still just a swimmer. I am living a great lifestyle and I’m making good money, but I’m not a basketball player. These deals are not $40 million deals.

And she’s absolutely right. She is a swimmer. And a good one. But there isn’t a great demand for swimmers in the entertainment field. So unless she is going to night school to become a CPA or something, how is she going to support herself? I know she has some cash, but give her credit for thinking ahead.

She has a God given talent that made her famous. So I don’t see anything wrong with her cashing in on her other gift from the Man upstairs. And thankfully she does it now before that gift is not so… nice.

Good for you Amanda! And better yet, good for us!

-Dave Q.

I don’t want to get too excited, but I think I’m over my cold.

Wow. This has got to be the biggest sign that I am getting old. A cold like that one used to take 4, maybe 5 days to beat. But this one took about 8 days to get over. I guess the old immune system ain’t what it used to be.

And damn it sucked. Sore throat. Headaches. Coughing. Congestion. And to top it off, I hurt my arm playing softball last week. So I haven’t been sleeping well because I keep rolling over on it. Ow.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take more vitamins. And maybe eat more vegetables. Maybe go visit the doc on a more regular basis. Drink more orange juice. Feel free to add to my list…

-Dave Q.

So my week started out ultra-bad. But it’s Friday, and things have finally come together. My good friend Nick, who has more connections than the Verizon wireless guy, came through in the clutch. He pulled some strings and got my A/C repaired for much less than I was anticipating. So I owe him… again. A/C never felt so good. I stood right below the vent in my room until my natural body thermometers told me it was cold. And it was worth it.

Second, those clowns at Time-Warner came out a couple days earlier to fix my internet. It was rough not having that for a few days. You don’t realize how dependent you are on internet until you can’t have any. Kind of like sweet tea. Or air.

And finally, the Spurs came out victorious in Game 1 of the Finals last night. My buddy Brian nearly predicted the exact outcome. He told me yesterday, it would be close at halftime, the Spurs would pull away in the 3rd quarter, and the Cavs would trim the lead in the 4th, but not catch the Spurs. So when I came in this morning and gave him props by pointing out all those things, he tells me, “But I did say they would win by 10, and I was wrong about that.”. That caused me to roll my eyes, since the Spurs won by 9 points. So since he was off by a point, I am giving him a disadulation.

I’m very close to getting over my cold. I’d say by Sunday I should be over it. I’ve been coughing so much lately and my throat is so raw, that when I talk it sounds like I’m channeling Barry White. So maybe I should hit a karaoke bar tonight…

-Dave Q.

Spurs. Cavaliers. 2007 NBA Finals. Ahhhhh yes! Here’s hoping for another championship!

As bad a week as I’ve had, a Game 1 victory for the Spurs would make me feel sooooo much better. :) Let’s get it on!

-Dave Q.

So yesterday I come home to a house that is hotter inside than it is outside.  Yeah, you guessed it.  The A/C is out.  In June.  In San Antonio.  So about 40 seconds after walking in the house I am sweating as if I were one of Indy’s guides in the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Humid.  Sticky.  Miserable.

It gets better.  My internet is out.  Until Friday.  Time Warner, whom I blame for the demise of Atlanta Braves baseball, apparently got tired of screwing Braves fans and decided to rape me with this one.  No one can come out to fix my internet until Friday?  Really?  And I don’t even have to be home since the problem lies in a cable box outside the house.  I cannpt wait to tell Time Warner to go to hell when AT&T’s new U-Verse plan is available in my neighborhood.

But wait.  It gets better.  My throat starts hurting.  And then an hour later, I get the chills.  2 hours later, my head starts hurting.  And 1 hour after that, I’m sneezing like I’m allergic to my own skin or something!  Conclusion:  I’m sick.  And as I’m typing this, I feel like crap.

Here’s the worst part…..  It’s only Tuesday.

-Dave Q.

So 2 weekends ago was the Miss Universe pageant. It was held in Mexico City. Miss USA had a rough time. She fell on her ass in front of millions of viewers. That was kind of funny. But I give the girl, Rachel Smith, some props. She recovered as nicely. Or at least as best as anyone could.

So on top of that, the classy audience, made up of mostly Mexicans, boos Miss USA. I ask you this question: Is anyone surprised? I find it amusing that millions of Mexicans who break United States laws to come to this country to “live the American dream” would boo Miss USA. But these are the same no class people who chanted “Osama” during a soccer match against the United States in February of 2004 in Mexico.

They hate us so much but they want in so bad. I wish the Mexican people would have some pride, rise up to their situation, and fix their country. Instead, they want to run over here and shove their traditions down our collective throats. I mean, how bad a shape is your country when your own government is trying to help you enter the U.S. illegally?


The Mexican government had a website containing all the information that is on the link above, but perhaps over too much international criticism, they took it down. But it was up long enough to record what they are telling their citizens. And what they are telling their citizens basically goes a little something like this: “Mexico sucks. Go to the US to work and send all the money you make illegally back to Mexico. This is all we can think of to help our economy. We are too busy being corrupt to think of anything else.”.

Things like this make me never want to step foot in Mexico. Any part of it. Not even Cancun. Or Cozumel. Or Cabo. It is an unbelievably corrupt place. I know the US government is far from perfect, but, come on! Have you seen “Man on Fire” ?

Man on Fire

Until the Mexican people grow the “cojones” to do something about their country, this problem won’t go away. Hopefully something is done before they jack up my country like they did theirs. But for now, I’m just going to buy this shirt.


Sad... but true.

-Dave Q.

You know what sucks about having a crappy weekend?  Everything.  When you want Monday to come around because you are looking to “get away” and go back to work, you know you’ve had a crappy weekend.  So anyway, it’s back to work.  Just wanted to get that off my chest.  Here’s looking forward to a good week…

-Dave Q.

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