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Ummmm.  Wow.  This is completely insane.  I wish I knew what she was babbling about.  Subtitles would have come in handy.  Then again, maybe I don’t want to know.

They don’t get that much crazier than this.  How bad is China that a grown woman throws a tantrum like this?  It can’t be that bad.  Oh, wait.  I forgot about that whole communist thing.  Yeah…

-Dave Q.

So I’m hoping that Obama’s stimulus bill does what it’s supposed to do.  The country is hurting and we need this to work.  But what concerns me is our national debt.  It is reaching numbers that are hard to comprehend.  I mean, over 10 trillion?  That’s a lot of dough.

Change I can believe in.

I have an idea for paying that off.  Or at least to try and make a dent into it.  With all the money that Obama raised for his campaign, why not do that again?  I think he should just go on tv, tell the American people what website to visit to donate, and then let her rip!  The guy can be very persuading.  If he can convince the American people to pony up some cash, then we can start reducing this debt in no time.  And with his popularity all over the world, don’t be surprised when we see some Euros or Yen in the mix bag of donations.  Bottom line is, with some enthusiasm and the twinkle of Obama’s smile, we could get this done in a few months.

I think it would be worth a shot.  However, I won’t be contributing.  I mean, come on.  It was my idea.  :)

-Dave Q.

Let me first start by saying it was a damn good game.  I was pulling for the Cardinals, but I’ve always liked the Steelers.  So it wasn’t too bad.  An all around good game.  Too bad there had to be a loser.  Moving on…

So how about those commercials?  Not too bad.  There were some stupid ones, but I won’t waste time with those.  What I will waste time with are these.  Since I liked them.  So you probably did too.  :)

If you’re an SNL fan, you appreciated this one.  MacGruber and MacGyver together?  Brilliant!

Doritos can send clothes flying off women?  I’m buying a bag tomorrow.

Good commercial.  I want an Audi.  Will getting one make me that good a driver?

This was just a funny commercial!  Punching out the Koala was awesome!

Overall, the commercials this year were decent.  There were a couple of years where the commercials were flat out lousy.  I hope people got fired for those.  Like the mechanics with the Snicker’s bar?  Remember that one?  Sorry to remind you.  Misery loves company.

-Dave Q.

My little sister emailed me these.  Which is unusual.  Normally her sense of humor is…  how should I put it…  non existent.  :)   I’m just messing with you Olga.  If you have a sense of humor you will think that was funny.  And if you don’t, then you don’t.  And my first statement will be true.  I call that a “win-win”.

Thanks for the “Y” chromosome, God!  You the Man!

-Dave Q.

Seriously.  I am witnessing this phenomenon.  I see it happening everywhere.  From my roommate, to co-workers, to my neighbors.  My heart goes out to them.

-Dave Q.

I made it clear to anyone that would listen (mostly my dogs) that there was no way I would ever buy or play Guitar Hero World Tour.  Why, you may wonder?  How can I support a product that is endorsed by a rapist (Kobe), a first-class prick (A-Rod), a first-class dork (Michael Phelps), and Tony Hawk, whom I have absolutely nothing against?  Seriously, when I saw this commercial, I almost puked.  I feel bad for Tony Hawk for having to be associated with these shmucks.  And I just pity Michael Phelps and his stupid “I’m just happy to be here” grin.  I do feel I should be more specific when referring to A-Rod as a prick, because I know that could be applied to Kobe as well.

Anyway, I guess the jokers promoting Guitar Zero got enough complaints, because they came out with a much better version of the commercial featuring Heidi Klum!  Yes!  I like it.  Will I buy or play the game now?  Absolutely!  I lie.  Of course I won’t.  But I forgive them.  And now I have a new video to watch. :)

-Dave Q.

My buddy Jason sent this to me.  Pretty funny!  Especially that sweet old lady.  I wonder if she kisses her grandchildren with that mouth. :)

At least I know that I would be a hero to a good chunk of the country.  But on the flip side, I guess I would be hated by quite a few.  Nothing new there.  ;)

-Dave Q.

Since I keep getting a lot of flak from a fellow blogger, whom I won’t name, about my admiration for sexy Halloween costumes, I stumbled across this calssic video and decided it was worthy of posting.  :)

Just a reminder that if you are on my Blogroll and you haven’t sent me a pic of yourself in your Halloween costume, that you will be represented in a post next week along with all the other pics I received.  I wonder how my Photoshop skills are.  Hmmm.

Happy Halloween!  And be careful tonight…

-Dave Q.

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