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EMBED-Kid Tests New Taser On Himself – Watch more free videos

If I were that age and if it was me, I probably would have tested it on one of my sisters.

-Dave Q.

Here is a pretty cool video.  In this video is 172 communications majors at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).  Pretty sure that’s in Canada.  Anyway, they lip-synch to the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling”, and you appreciate the video when you realize it was all done in one take.  Pretty damn impressive!

How would you have felt if you were one of the last ones in the video?  No pressure, right?  :)

-Dave Q.

Now here is a cause I can get behind.  :)

October is here.  And that means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. And it’s times like these that I feel I should speak out.  You see everyone, few causes are as important as this one.  You want to Save the whales?  That’s great.  But let’s save the boobs first, got it?  Priorities, people!

You want to hug a tree?  That’s cool.  Me?  I’d rather hug boobs.  And I think I speak for every man and woman out there that boobs take priority over trees.  So, to hell with the trees.  Save the boobs!  This cannot be ignored!!  If that means other causes have to be put on the back burner, so be it!  Priorities, people.

What about PETA?  Hmmm…  no.  Save the boobs, damn it!  I hope I am getting through to everyone.  This is absolutely of the utmost importance!!  Don’t ignore this plea.  To illustrate how motivated I am about this, I will offer free breast exams as long as there is something in writing that I can’t be held accountable for anything.  I am just trying to help here.

A world without boobs is a world I don’t want to be in.  

-Dave Q.

I guess September 21st in Afghanistan is recognized as “Peace Day”.  That’s cool.  Peace is a good thing.  But I think this may be a bad omen…

Eh.  Maybe the dove was just sleeping.

-Dave Q.

Ever notice how infomercials are so negative?  I haven’t.  Because I won’t watch any.  And if a commercial comes on, I just tune it out.  Or maybe it’s more like I black out.   Either way, the message isn’t received.  Why do hate them?  Let’s see…

  • The over-acting.
  • The exaggerations.
  • The crappy products.
  • The poor video quality.
  • The negativity.
  • The scare tactics.

The video below pretty much sums it up.

So yeah, infomercials can go straight to hell.  But I’ll cut a little slack for the Shamwow guy.  Not because I will ever get a Shamwow (never say never, right?), but since I’ve been cooking a lot lately, I can really use a Slapchop.

-Dave Q.

You know what was a great invention?  The bikini.  That was a great invention.  Hard to imagine anything topping that.  But someone did.  With another bikini.  Except that this one dissolves in water.  That is just awesome.  :)

They kind of sell it as the ultimate revenge gift.  When a girl dumps a guy, the guy gets back at her with this.  But what girl is going to accept a gift from an ex-boyfriend?  Nevermind.  I just realized how ridiculous that question is.  Anyway, the video evidence is below.

I’m amazed no one thought of this a long time ago.  It just makes sense.  I wonder if they sell them in bulk.  :)

-Dave Q.

The video that is, not the boobs. It matters not if the boobs are real.

-Dave Q.

I’ve been to California.  It’s a beautiful state.  It makes me sad to see something like this and realize that it is being overrun with crazy people.

Both my sisters will be calling California “home” in the near future.  It breaks my heart.

-Dave Q.

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