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Yesterday the two satellite radio companies, Sirius and XM, announced they were merging. Since I’ve been investing in Sirius for a few years now, I am curious to see what this will mean in the long run. Ironically, just last week I was talking with some friends about the improbabilty of a merger like this. I just didn’t think it was in the cards. Especially with all the articles on the net quoting both companies as having nothing in the works.

But something else happened last week. Something that, dare I say, may have sparked this merger? Yes. I do believe it was a Valentine’s gift I received.

The latest and greatest that Sirius has to offer. The Stilleto 100! I am getting rid of my old crappy one (unless one of you wants to buy it, then it is an older awesome one) after getting this one for Valentine’s Day. I guess Valentine’s isn’t all bad. ;) Anyway, I believe that unseen cosmic forces came into play once I activated the new radio, because 2 days later the merger is announced! I mean, come on. There has to be a connection. Tell me I’m wrong. But if you do, speak up, because I’ll have my new radio on.

And buy some stock in Sirius. Just a suggestion. Don’t get mad at me if it tanks.

-Dave Q.

So I had been getting away with dressing casual at work for a while now. But those days are over. My supervisor let me know yesterday that we needed to dress more appropriately in the office. Apparently he has something against flip flops and t-shirts that promote alcoholic beverages. Kidding.

But seriously, I know he just wants us to have a professional appearance. And he’s not a bad guy or anything. He’s just watching out for us. And no, he doesn’t read this blog. Or if he ever did, I know he wouldn’t be reading it anymore. He doesn’t always get my sense of humor. Imagine that.

So now I have to start taking my clothes to the dry cleaners again. And getting up earlier to iron. And shine my shoes. Don’t get me wrong. I want to look sharp. But that’s a lot of effort to put forth when you’re just going to work. I wish there was someone I was trying to impress. At least that would motivate me.

-Dave Q.

Just a quick note. All weekend people kept bringing up Britney Spears and her shaved head. Here is a quick equation for everyone: Britney Spears + Shaved Head = Attention Whore.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I look at this picture of Uncle Fester, the first thought that pops in my head is “9 ball.  Corner pocket.”

-Dave Q.

This past weekend was NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas. If you’re a sports fan, you probably already knew this. If you didn’t, you’re probably a girl.

As a kid I would love watching the All-Star games. The dunk contests. The 3 point shoot out. It was fun to watch. Now, I think it’s a waste of time. I will find more important things to watch (Futurama anyone?) or do. But there was a minor event the NBA held that I did want to watch: The Charles Barkley – Dick Bevetta show down! Dick Bevetta, a 67-year-old NBA ref , challenged Hall of Famer Charles Barkley to a race a couple of months ago. It seemed to be in jest, but snowballed to possibly the highlight of All-Star weekend. Check out the video below. Definitely worth watching!

-Dave Q.

I finally got up to making some use of the photo gallery page. Just a bunch of random pictures. I didn’t bother to put in any captions or anything like that, so they are open to artistic interpretation. :)

-Dave Q.

So a good friend of mine is facing a change of residence due to his career path. He is trying to decide on which city to call home for the foreseeable future. His choices break down to these:

  1. Chicago
  2. Dallas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Miami
  5. New York

Seeing as out of all his options I’ve only spent time in Los Angeles (I need to travel more), I can only make a suggestion based on my limited knowledge. From everything I’ve heard, New York is awesome if you’re making at least 6 figures. If not, then it sucks. Dallas is in Texas, and if I were going to make a big move, I would at least want to get out of Texas. L.A. is in California. And California is a beautiful state. But most people in California are weirdos. Most people! I will probably get flamed for that, so I stress the “most” part.

That leaves Miami and Chicago. At this point I would flip a coin. Never spent time in either city, so I would do some research. I hear the weather is nice in Miami. And that it’s full of Cubans. Not sure what Chicago has, except snow. And fewer Cubans. Decisions, decisions…

-Dave Q.

So I have a friend of mine I work with who is going to Hawaii for 2 weeks… for work. Can you believe that? Damn. Why can’t I ever get gigs like that? Granted, she’s a nurse, and has to go train some other nurses who will be working for us out of Honolulu, but surely they need some kind of IT support. Something must go horribly wrong on the technical side while she’s there. Hmmm…

My gut tells me that they will not be able to power up their new PCs correctly once they get there. My gut also tells me that they will need IT support to replace all the memory that was taken out magically disappeared before their PCs were shipped out. Aloha!

-Dave Q.


Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue came out this week with Beyonce on the cover. Not bad! Not bad at all! Apparently they are doing some kind of music theme in this issue. Otherwise Beyonce on there wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

I hear there is a picture with a supermodel and her iPod. And that’s it! Nothing else. Not sure if that shot alone is worth checking out the issue. I will do my duty and investigate this, so that we may all sleep better.

-Dave Q.

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