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So the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys are now partners in a concessions company that will be handling all the food distribution at their new stadiums.  Anyone surprised?  I’m not. I think it was just a matter of time.  At least I know where I won’t be buying a beer at.

Something is missing in all this.  Ahh yes, where are the Lakers?  You can’t have Hitler and Mussolini without whatever bad guy they had out of Japan.  This will likely piss off the Lakers.  All that money without the Lakers getting a piece of the pie?  Don’t the Yankees and Cowboys remember the last time someone told Kobe “no”?

You want to call me a ‘Hater’?  That’s cool.  I’m drinking ‘Haterade’.  Because, yes, I hate the Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers.  I am a sports fan.  And as a sports fan I clearly recognize the unholy trinity of sports evil.  Anyone who is a sports fan of those three teams is not an actual sports fan.  Period.  And that goes for Lebron James.  I know he publicly loves the Yankees and Cowboys.  But don’t be at all surprised when he bolts the Cavs to go to play for the Lakers someday.  And that sucks, because I really like Lebron.

And I just realized Lebron James was a topic in 2 consecutive posts.  He will no doubt be receiving an award for this.

-Dave Q.

So this past week began the NBA pre-season.  And that translates to the NBA regular season starting up very soon.  I love basketball.  I’m a die-hard San Antonio Spurs fan.  So I am very pumped up about seeing the season get rolling.  I want to believe the Spurs will do well, but I am skeptical, especially with Manu Ginobili on the injured list with a bad ankle.  I feel your pain, my latin brother!

Anyway, my old friend Roy sent this pic to me and seeing about how pre-season is the time to get focused on the upcoming season, I thought it would be funny to show Lebron James focussing on “other things”.  I guess it goes to show how dominant Team USA really was in the Olympics to be so easily distracted.

Come on, King James.  Really?  I’m disappointed.  If you’re going to be distracted by a female, can’t it be one with a firmer butt?  I know you can do better than that.  And if you cannot, then I in turn cannot in good conscience draft you in my fantasy basketball league.  Because sometimes it’s not just about “scoring”.  Get it?  Scoring?  Ok, I’m done.

-Dave Q.

I’ve been playing some tennis here and there over the last few months.  It’s fun and you get a decent little workout.  Well, if it was competitive tennis I’m sure it would be a great workout.  But since I’m no where near that, it’s good to get the blood flowing.  I think at times I even sweat a little. :)

So yesterday when I went to pay my parents a visit, I brought my tennis gear.  My parents used to play a lot back in the day.  In fact, I remember as a young boy in Hawaii going with my Mom to her tennis lessons.  Anyway, I asked them if they felt like going to the middle school by their house where they had some tennis courts.  After some convincing, they agreed to go out and play.

So here I was thinking I would hit a few balls at them, get the heart rate going, etc.  Little did I know they still knew how to hit.  And that they knew how to hit trick shots, too.  Caught me completely off guard.  So I was hustling trying to keep up.  Granted, it was 2 on 1, and I have a bad ankle, and… let me think of some other excuses, um…  Oh it doesn’t matter, anyway.  We didn’t keep score.  Or at least I hope no one kept score.

-Dave Q.

Thanks to my friend Gabe for sending this one to me.  You gotta love political cartoons.  Especially when they hit both parties.

Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to be Joe Biden.  Clearly the least interesting person participating in the most interesting election.  He ranks somewhere between Michelle Obama and Bristol Palin.

-Dave Q.

I heard about this girl back in June, and then nothing.  I wonder if she is still on the run?  A fugitive from justice?

If you were living under a rock at the time and don’t know about her, here is the 2 cent summary.  This girl in Romania will be on the subway, will turn on her boombox, and pole dance.  And at then end, naturally, she goes around asking for tips.  No doubt the girl is just trying to pay her way through med school.

Last I heard were the cops there were on the lookout for her.  And if they see her show they will probably tip her and then give her a ticket or something.  But still, you have to give the girl props!  And also thank the guy with the camera phone.  God bless technology.

-Dave Q.

As of late, I’ve been feeling kind of sluggish at work.  Especially after lunch.  You know what I’m referring to.  Those lunch induced comas?  I know you’ve been there, too.

So while chatting it up in the office, my buddy Horbi said he was feeling like that too, but started feeling better after he started taking some vitamin B.  He has a big bottle on his desk and told me whenever I wanted one, to just help myself.  So I started taking them and I did feel better.  Maybe it’s all mental.  But I am definitely making it through the day easier.

So on Friday, sometime after lunch, I realized I hadn’t taken my daily vitamin B pill.  I went into the office and saw Horbi at his desk with his earphones on.  He loves his music.  So I just walked up to his desk to grab the bottle.  Horbi kind of jumped up when I got the bottle.  I guess I snuck up on him.  I told him I was getting some vitamin B and we started chatting.  Then I glanced at his computer screen…

“Um, Horbi?”, I said.


“Are you watching ‘Ugly Betty’??”


So for the rest of the day I was giving him a pretty hard time about that.  Not that dudes aren’t allowed to watch ‘Ugly Betty’.  It’s that dudes shouldn’t watch ‘Ugly Betty’!  Apparently he watches ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, too.  To each their own.

But God bless the internet.  With the ability to watch pretty much anything online, it’s hard to blame Horbi for watching shows that cater to a female audience.  Wait.  Yes it is.  I do blame him.  What the hell, man?!?

-Dave Q.

I got this sent to me in 4 different emails yesterday.  So, I thought it was worth sharing.  Appears to be a young Dr. Evil plotting to add two more to his future mind-control sex-slave experiment.  Gotta give the kid props for thinking big, right?

-Dave Q.

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